How to move home without adding years to your life

This article will go over how to move house, without adding years to your life!

Everyone moves house at some stage, and everyone knows the tensions and stress that are fundamental with the logistical headache that is moving home. Here are some tips that can help.

Preparation – Totally apparent but strategy as far ahead of time as you can. Preparation excessive is much less of a problem than planning insufficient!

Dates – Try to sort out dates. This will determine the majority of the preparation ñ whether to keep your possessions, whether to get lodging before moving in or whether you can move directly in.

Packaging – Try packaging gradually instead of in one mad dash ñ it can make the whole thing appear less daunting if you chip away till the majority of the works been done.

Storage – Try to prevent expensive storage alternatives if you can. If something fails and you need to save things for much longer than planned it can be COSTLY. Never Store absolute scrap! Some companies can help you discard or perhaps recycle anything that you don’t requirement or use. Any old furnishings or large items that might not have a home in your new location can be blissfully cleared and never trouble you again!

Exchanging agreements – Be sure not to underestimate the delays and hold-up techniques you might come across. It’s just done and cleared when the fat lady sings!

Moving in – Once once again, you may have the secrets to your new house, but there is still much to do! The enjoyment might press you through the last stage without excessive tension, but don’t forget there are still phone lines, Broadband, names on Bills to alter and much, much more!

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How to Prevent Artificial Grass Theft


Over current years, having synthetic yard set up in front gardens and locations for public use has actually ended up being incredibly popular.

There are, obviously, many advantages of artificial turf, including that it’s low maintenance, it’s hard-wearing, there’s no mud or mess, it’s child and family pet friendly, it can conserve you cash, and it’s even good for the environment.

For many house owners, preserving their gardens is a task they might do without.

With today’s busy lifestyles, many people are selecting to make their gardens as low-maintenance as possible.

Because of this, synthetic lawn has actually ended up being particularly popular for both back gardens and front gardens.

When it comes to large areas of synthetic lawn, the expense of having it set up can encounter the countless pounds.

If you have actually invested your hard-earned money on having a fake yard set up, naturally you wish to make sure that you safeguard the financial investment you have made in your residential or commercial property and avoid– or at least, very much minimise the chance of theft.

Obviously, some kinds of application are more vulnerable to theft than others.

Those that are out on public screen and in parks and schools are more likely to be the target of theft than a back-garden setup.

Thankfully there are a number of tricks up the sleeve of the synthetic turf specialist to assist avoid your artificial grass from being taken.

It’s always a difficult task to stop any type of theft, particularly when you are up against a determined burglar.

You do have options readily available to you to stop an opportunist burglar dead in their tracks and avoid them from stealing your artificial yard, whatever the application.

In our most current article you’ll discover a few of the setup tricks of the trade that will make your synthetic yard far more safe and secure and prevent even the most identified thief.

Protect the Perimeter of Your Artificial Lawn

Our first tip to stop your artificial lawn from being taken is to make sure you properly protect the edges of your yard.

There are a number of techniques for doing this and the best approach for you usually depends on the type of edging you have actually used.

Protecting your synthetic yard can be performed in the following methods:

1. Using Galvanised Nails

If you have actually set up a timber edging, then the very best method to secure the perimeter of your synthetic yard is by utilising galvanised nails.

Use a hammer, insert nails approximately 100mm apart, all around the edges of your artificial lawn.

You can also tuck the edges of your lawn around the wood, to further assist protect the boundary.

2. Using Adhesive

Once again, if you have actually use timber edging or if you are protecting your artificial turf to some type of concrete, then you can protect the border using artificial turf adhesive.

If you are applying the glue to a thin strip of concrete or lumber, say 50mm wide, you’ll find that it is most convenient to apply Aquabond adhesive through an applicator gun.

Additionally, you could use a two-part adhesive.

3. Using U-Pins

Another technique involves using galvanised U-pins.

These pins are set up simply at the edge of your artificial grass. You can likewise install them even more in, near the middle of your synthetic lawn.

For front gardens and other types of application vulnerable to theft, we extremely recommend that you install U-pins throughout your entire lawn location, even if you are securing the edges of your synthetic yard using one of the other methods listed.

By doing so, you’ll be increasing the difficulty of lifting your synthetic yard.

As long as your lawn is effectively protected at the edges, you’ll be making it extremely difficult for a prospective burglar to separate your synthetic lawn in order to roll it up and steal it.

Always Use a Sand Infill to Add Ballast and Prevent Cutting

You need to be using a sand infill as part of your installation anyhow, however whenever you are setting up artificial yard in an area susceptible to theft, it’s a lot more important.

Even though some makers declare that their synthetic turf items are non-infill, regrettably there truly is no such thing, as every artificial grass setup needs a sand infill.

There are numerous advantages of including one, but one big advantage is that it helps in the battle against theft.

Using a sand infill assists in the following methods:

1. It Makes Your Artificial Lawn Difficult to Roll Up and Carry Away

Setting up a sand infill helps to prevent theft, as it adds extra weight to your synthetic yard.

You might be shocked at just how heavy rolls of synthetic grass are, even without a sand infill.

Aberdeen is our heaviest item and it weighs 3.2 kg per square metre.

A 4m x 6m roll weighs 76.8 kg.

Carrying a roll of this weight will need a minimum of 2 people.

We suggest that you include 4-5kg of sand infill per square metre of synthetic lawn.

For areas such as front gardens, using 5kg per square metre is best.

Adding an extra 5kg of sand to every square metre of turf is going to make that 4m x 6m roll now weigh a tremendous 196.8 kg.

Raising and bring a roll of this weight would take 6 or 7 individuals of good strength. Trust us on this one– we’ve attempted! (In the line of our work, naturally!).

The other issue for the would-be thief is that they would find it practically difficult to roll up a 4m x 6m synthetic yard.

The layer of sand infill at the bottom of the yard avoids the grass from curling or bending, making it essentially impossible to roll it up.

To compute how much sand infill your synthetic lawn setup will require, you might find that our artificial grass calculators come in useful.

2. Sand Infill Will Blunt Knives.

If a burglar can not raise your artificial yard in one entire roll, then their only other choice is to cut it into smaller sized strips.

Of course, doing so makes the yard practically unusable and worth really little.

Even doing this would be incredibly difficult, as the sand infill has actually the included advantage that it really quickly will blunt the blade of any knife.

This, naturally, will decrease any burglar and there’s a good chance, with the odds stacked firmly against them, that they will give it up.

If somebody does attempt to cut your artificial lawn, it’s really a fairly simple process to fix the damage as, naturally, any cuts can be repaired using signing up with tape and adhesive, using the very same process as is used to protect a sign up with.


Preventing the theft of any product of your property is constantly a difficult task, specifically when you are up against an identified burglar.

If you follow the recommendations in this article, you can stack the chances in your favour and we’re positive you will discourage the large majority of thieves.

Lifting it would be such a long and difficult process that the effort of stealing your artificial turf wouldn’t be worthwhile, as they will not be able to take it in a multiple-use condition.

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